Digital Signage is the representation that allows us to say something, a meaning. This is where the signage starts; it is the set of all the signs used to create a specific meaning and represent it so well that people understand it.

This means that thanks to it as a form of communication for the Malaysian people. When signage is generated or created, it is done for a specific group, taking into account their geographic location, language, culture, and other factors. We must say then that it is an important basis of communication from individual to individual and between companies and individuals, such as advertising, security, prevention, leisure, and more.

Signage has the fundamental function of helping different individuals identify the characteristics of services, being able to make use of them in a much simpler way, in an already defined environment. In some way, it is the one most related to semiological studies, studying of signs and their meaning.

The dynamic display replaces conventional billboards, advertising posters found in retail outlets, and other static displays. It is a communication and marketing tool for communicating information, in the form of multimedia content, in public places on a screen, a wall of screens, or video projection.

Its advantages today in the Malaysian market are many.

An easy-to-create display

To get a good rendering, creating a traditional display requires the services of a qualified graphic designer. Indeed, not everyone has the talents and skills necessary to create and produce a powerful poster on paper. Its creation takes a long time since the tasks to be performed more or less many before completing the work.

Creating digital signage is much easier. Indeed, there is much software that allows you to create powerful presentations. This software is accessible to everyone, and no qualification is required to master them. Also, they generally offer prefabricated models to ease the work of its users.
This software allows you to create, edit, and personalise content to produce original and quality posters in record time. They can be free if you want to save money. But, their options and functionality remain quite limited in this case. Paid software is more efficient and more practical.

 A modern and interactive visual

Unlike traditional signage, digital signage is modern and allows you to create various visual animations. It is a more lively and captivating means of communication. This is because modern sound effects and content are more likely to grab and maintain the target audience’s attention. According to surveys, digital signage captures four times more attention than traditional paper signage in Malaysia and other parts of the world.
The advertisements and information displayed on the screens are airier. It only takes a few seconds to understand the message’s substance, especially if the text is by animations.

A visual that reflects the brand

The traditional display aims above all to be heard through words. Indeed, the slogan was once the best way to capture the attention of consumers. But, digital signage allows the company to communicate a mentality, a way of being, and particularity of its thanks to a well-developed visual.
The information and displays are more personalised and can represent the image of the brand very well.

Many and configurable information dissemination

Large retailers can more distribute information over many interfaces using digital signage. Also, the displays can be broadcast at the same time, in real-time.
Indeed, thanks to this modern display, companies no longer need to travel to send an advertisement or the presentation of their services in its other premises. It suffices to send the information from a single source via the internet.

Besides, each content is configurable if some information has to be changed, depending on the room’s location.

A simplified update

Currently, real-time updating of information on different providers’ products and services is becoming a real need of the target audience in Malaysia. Yet, updating a traditional display takes a lot of time: you have to go through information gathering, production of models, printing, delivery, and distribution.
By opting for digital signage, you can save a lot of time, especially for distributing content. To do this, it is necessary to collect information, integrate it into the software, and distribute it on screens. Thus, the company can better respond to returns and special requests. Commercial and hotel establishments can update their rates and promotions as soon as they wish. It is possible to change in a few minutes via a PC or even a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

A link between online and offline sales

Consumption habits have changed a lot in recent years. More than 80% of consumers today refer to the internet before making purchases. Online sales have also grown a lot in Malaysia, but most consumers still prefer to go to stores to shop.
Business enterprises must adapt to new means of communication. Digital signage is the best answer to this need. As the customer is used to viewing products on a digital surface before purchasing them, they will not be too disoriented.
It is thus the bridge between online and offline sales. It is even more useful when the store has an online store. The dynamic display thus makes it easier for consumers to find products that they have already spotted later.

A way to ease internal communication

Digital signage is not only useful for communicating with consumers. Indeed, it is also an effective way to promote internal communication within a company.
The screens can be used to share professional information (house rules, schedules, new company products, and many more) with all employees. They can also be used to educate or train employees. Moreover, managers can take the opportunity to remind employees to reduce unnecessary waste in office work (printing waste, paper waste, etc.) to optimise the company’s economy.

A plus for the environment

Currently, more and more companies are turning to respect and protection of the environment. Thanks to digital signage, they can reduce their consumption of paper and printing ink. This is already a big step for the preservation of the environment.
Also, it allows companies to make significant savings.

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