Things To Know About Led Billboard Advertising In Malaysia

Creating market for your business through led billboard advertising in Malaysia can be scary especially if you are a new bird. Not to worry, this article is going to expose you to what you need to know about led billboard advertising in Malaysia.

Billboard is basically outdoor advertising. It involves marketing your product, companies or services by posting bills, paintings or pictures on flat surfaces in mostly busy areas and highways.

Led Billboard advertisingĀ  is highly effective in Malaysia because they can hardly be ignored and it reaches across to a large number of audience at a time. Billboard advertising also gives room for interaction since it’s improvement in technology. However, there are factors to put into consideration for your billboard advertising to provide desirable results in Malaysia.

Types of billboard


outdoor advertising malaysia

This billboard costs is between RM20, 000 to RM100,000. It provides good results when placed at highways. They are usually very big. It is referred to by a lot of as spectacular when it is customized.


It is placed mostly at bus stations, terminals or airports. It is effective in reaching out to pedestrians. This billboard is more efficient when placed at a busy place. It’s price ranges from RM30, 000 for a 14-faces design monthly. They are usually small in size, it measure around 2m.

96 sheets

led billboard advertising

This is without doubt the most popular type of billboard advertising in Malaysia. The 96 is about the size and layout. Fans of big sizes and big effects would love the 96, the standard measurements are 10ft x 40ft and 11ft x 41ft. The price ranges from RM 2,500 to RM 5,000 monthly.

Bus terminals

billboard ads malaysia

It basically used in reaching out to people who take public transports. It is very similar to the metrolite & highly effective in reaching to a huge audience. For instance, the number of people at a bus station trying to board public transport per day. It’s cost ranges from about RM12,000 per month for every shelter for a 5 to 12 panel. Malaysia has a very effective highway system in the land transport sector. Therefore, advertising on highway in Malaysia is highly effective and efficient.

City star

Due to it’s minute size, it is placed mostly by sidewalks or in towns. It costs around RM65, 000 for a 13-faces space monthly and RM120, 000 for a 26-faces space monthly.

Overhead bridges

Billboards are attached to overhead bridges mostly the busy types with a lot of traffic underneath it. They are mostly horizontal rectangles in shape and are found in cities, intersections and junctions. It’s cost ranges from RM12, 000 to RM150, 000.


rooftops billboard advertising

These are very effective in urban cities and towns. It can also be of advantage if a busy express way passes through the city. The billboard is attached to the roofs of houses, buildings and structures. They are usually huge in size ranging from 14ft x 48ft or 20ft x 60ft. It’s more effective if your ads have more pictures and fewer word because they are mostly located at fast lanes. They cost about RM15, 000 to RM30,000 depending on the location.

Wall signs and banners

This kind of billboard is much smaller than the other types of billboard advertising in Malaysia. It is placed in strategic places thereby being very effective in attracting target customers. The price depends on the customization of the billboard. It ranges between RM350, 000 to RM1.6m annually, the price goes up due to high traffic location.

Factors that make led billboard advertising effective in Malaysia.


One very important factor to know about billboard advertising in Malaysia is the location to erect your billboard. You should never place your billboard in congested areas. If your billboard gets lost among other billboards, you wouldn’t achieve your goal of reaching out to target customers. Erect your billboard in corners around the Klang Valley, the North-South Expressway, along the Middle Ring Road 2 and very notably the Federal Highway.


A billboard should be bold and big enough to be seen. It should be attractive enough to be seen from afar by potential customer. You should also place your size on a budget. For instance, if you can’t go for a big size like 30 x 60 feet, you can go for the standard size of 10 x 40 feet.


Billboards should make your adverts concise and very short but be sure to the nail on the head. Your write up shouldn’t be more than 8 words or 6 words to make it easy for customers to catch your advert. This is important because billboard are placed along highways and walkways in Malaysia.

Avoid trying to be clever

As much it is flattering to be clever, you should avoid showing that off in your advert. Make use of simple and easy to understand terms. It would be more effective because everybody would understand it and your ad would get across to a huge amount of people. Trying to impress people by using difficult terms would end up doing no one good and end up as a miserable failure.

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