I built my various successful businesses through vigorous execution, failing and learning in the process, and scraping old strategies andimplementing new ones.Indeed, I have outsourced marketing before, but I soon discovered that many marketing agencies have a low touch model.
Marketing should be an integral part of the business, from branding all the way to consistent messaging, language, and persona. I genuinely believe marketing has to take a holistic view, and that implementation cuts through all department.
In the past, departments working in silo made cooperationonprojects a lot more complicated. Instead, every department should work hand in hand to amplify one another’s work to attain maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and this requires a holistic marketing solution.
Depending on your objectives and budget, I can strategize with you on a holistic marketing planning as well as execute it together with great clarity.
You can go through all sections of this website – and whenever there is anything that I can do to add value to you, I’m more than delighted to assist you.

Offline / Mindshare


Digital & Static Billboard

I have extensive experience with digital and static billboards. Both digital and static billboards serve different objectives,although they can also complement one another very well.
Size and frequency of your billboard do matter. However, this is only an exercise that you want to embark on after you havedrafted a great digital marketing strategy. The reason is simple:digital marketing allows you to understandyour customer profile and track ROI better.

Below is a quick comparison of the feature and locations for static and digital billboards that I have.


    • Production cost
    • Frequency of Change
    • Sharing
    • Engagement
    • Location Available


  • High on Printing
  • Every Change involves Printing cost
  • Dedicated to Your Brand
  • Low
  • Along NKVE (5.7 million vehicles a month)


  • As Simple as a Slide
  • Up to Once a Week
  • Shared with Multiple Advertisers
  • Animation, Deliver More Messages
  • Along LDP (600k vehicles a month)

You can contact me for a quick call consultation and decide which is best for you.

Thought Leadership

Are you a thought leader?
Having founded multiple businesses of my own and being out on the field since I was seventeen, my accomplishments have gained me recognition as a thought leader in the property and tech sector.
Thought leadership marketing consists of positioning your company as a leader in its field through content. By publishing articles, videos,and research, people in your industry will come to recognize you and your brand as one of the crèmes of the crop. Moreover, as you speak, or your company speaks, people will listen. You might even get old friends or users back.
I can extract your thoughts on your business, and work with you to craft a succinct vision so that you can be recognized as the leader in your business field.
Once I have worked it out with you, we can discuss methods and ways to get your visions and thoughts across to the public.
Want to be the thought leader in your industry? Fill up this form to discuss the strategy to achieve this.


SEM (Google AdWords) / SEO

SEM, otherwise known as Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go hand-in-hand.SEM gives you immediate traffic while SEO gives you long term traffic.
With the advancement of technology, search engines have become remarkably powerful and competitive- Google, in particular.
Getting your website to rank high in search engines have become a rather exciting game. Keywords have become a must. However, finding the right keywords to utilize for your site and content is a continually evolving and increasingly difficultprocess.
Still, it’s not impossible. Retargeting marketing keywords often consist of competitor keywords, leading website viewers to landing pages which list reasons to choose them over their competition. This is just one of the many possibilities.
Many people would tell you it’s super hard.It’s not that;it just takes time to find out goldmine keywords that people aren’t using. I’m determined to help you with that, contact me now for a free consultation.

Social Media &
Reputation Management

Social media outreach and management has become a vital part of digital marketing. Facebook alone, according to Statista (2019), has over 2,375,000,000 users. Targeting 20% of these users would be more than enough to sustain your website traffic and social media engagement for many years. Utilizing that outreach & management to retarget your users would aid in forging deeper bonds with consumers as well.
Sadly, there are downsides to social media and how accessible it is. Even more, many businesses have fallen under fire from netizens due to poor handling of online PR crises. More often than not, their poor handling of the situation results in consumers boycotting their products and services, loss of credibility, and possibly the closing of the business. This is the reason why handling your business, and your own online reputation is essential. After all, old users’conversion will be weak as they are less inclined to come back if your credibility and reliability are low.

Web & Mobile Development

Complete End-to-end Web & Mobile Development

One of the cores requirements for brands to makes the most significant impression on an online user is the website. The website represents the brand and its essence in the digital world. Needless to say,the website and mobile go hand-in-hand. According to Statistica (2018), there’re 17.2 million mobile phone users in Malaysia, and the numbers are increasing still.
With the increasing commonality and accessibility of Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile data, Malaysians spend much time on their phone online. Fast loading times, attractive appeal, and easy navigation are some of what they look for in a website, especially when they’re on their phone, which is where web & mobile development comes in.
You could say that the web and mobile developers are painters, and the website a work of art to be made.
Why not have them all in one neat package?


  • Find the Quickest Way to Market
  • Must you build a full blown product before monetising? How can you test your idea quickly?


  • Seamless and Easy Designs Only
  • Who says that design can’t be aesthetically pleasing and provide a seamless user experience?


  • No one likes to read dull things. Ever. Simple and concise content only – from me.


  • Only the Most Suitable Technology Stack!
  • Details needed?
  • Budget
  • Time to Market
  • Objective – Test and Iterate OR Long-Term

Business Consultation

Business & Revenue Model

My ideas tend to be out of the box and unusual, albeit effective. Why care for the normal when you can do great with unexpected?
For example, many people were skeptical when I first started SPEEDHOME (originally Speedrent) back in 2015. I mean, who did No Deposits? That was insane, and altogether a risk.
However, it worked.
Sometimes business model takes a while to fine-tune, but through experience, you will know what works and what does not. I can help you to look into your strength, networks, and then work together to redesign your business and revenue model. It is crucial that you start on the right footing.
In doubt? Fill up the form, and I shall arrange a quick call with you to understand your business model.

Digital Transformation

Moving traditional SMEs into the digital era and innovating to keep with the times is difficult, but not impossible. Online paperwork and workflows, and even collaboration which connects everyone and promotes the sharing of knowledge are just tips of the iceberg.
You can easily leverage technology to digitize your HR, admin, customer relationship, documentation,andmove everything on the cloud. It is more efficient and cost-effective for you to maintain in the long run.
Find out how I can assist you with the digital transformation by having a free consultation call.