Pros And Cons of Billboard Ads

Marketing is the backbone of any business. The universal goal of every business is to be make profits and this is possible only when potential customers are gained. A very effective way of reaching across to potential customers is through advertising. There are different form of advertising. Billboard ads are one of them and by far the most and oldest form of advertising.

Billboard advertising is an outdoor advertising. It involves displaying contents in form of pictures, posters or write ups on large flat tire. Billboards come in different forms. It could be digital or static amongst others. They are placed mostly in busy and congested areas like bus terminals, stations, highways or markets. A billboard is meant to attract the attention of bikers, motorists and pedestrians . As much as billboards sound divine, there are limitations as well as advantages to them.

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Pros of Billboard advertising

Large audience

It can be argued that there isn’t another type of advertising that has the capacity to reach a large range of people like billboard advertising. When erected in strategic locations preferably crowded areas like markets, parks, bus terminals, airports, stations or highways. Your billboard should include your contact details making it easy for interested client to get in touch with you. It is important to make your billboard noticeable so that passerby, bikers and motorists can easily see it. You are definitely going to get huge results this way.

Hard to forget

Billboards advertising stands out for its memorability. It is a huge advantage because research shows that images are remembered more by people. This is why you should make use of colorful and interesting images to pass the message you want because people are sure to remember them.


Billboard advertising positively influences sales. They are useful in making viewers buy impulsively. For instance a passerby or viewer might see your adverts and be influenced by it and decide to buy immediately.


Billboard advertising is more affordable than tv advertising. Billboard advertising gives small business owners an opportunity to market their products or services. Billboards achieve higher results in terms of sales than other forms of advertisements. This gives them edge because it helps you to save cost while getting the job done.

Stress reduction

Another amazing advantage of billboard advertising is its ability to cover a huge number of audience without you exerting a lot of energy. The process of using billboard advertising is not time consuming as well.


Billboard advertising provides small business owners With exposure based on its location.
However, as wonderful as billboard advertising obviously is, the order of nature gives room to disadvantages.

Here are some of the cons of Billboard Ads:

Limited Information

As effective as billboard advertising is, it provides room for only small amounts of information. The information that can be put on billboards do not mostly exceed six to eighteen words. If you your firm isn’t the type with an already established brand then your customers will receive very limited Information of your brand.

Low visibility

Another limitation of billboard advertising is how badly affected your billboard’s visibility can be by different example of this factor is the situation of your billboard, if your billboard is placed in a busy place, people might not pay much attention to it.


The atmospheric conditions has its special effects on your billboards. For instance, you shouldn’t expect your billboard to be seen on dark and stormy days.


If your billboard is placed at a crowed spot, it would be difficult for people to see it.


Your billboard could be vandalized thereby making it hard for people to get the information you are passing across.

Short life span

Everything has an end or in this case a lifespan. Billboard advertising lifespan is mostly Short. They are known to get faded or torn under harsh weather conditions. Painted billboards are notorious in the sense that the paint washes away, the beauty alongside the information eventually fading away.

Short exposure period

Billboards are effective in covering a wide range of people but what about how long these audience get to see and understand the information. Most billboards are erected at highways or busy roads where tons of motorists and drivers can see them. However, in most cases like this, the driver happens to be focusing his attention on the road and definitely they can only spare a 2 seconds glance at your Billboard and unless there is slow traffic, this is the highest exposure your billboard can get.


Billboard don’t change location except mobile billboards which aren’t very common as the traditional billboard. For instance, if there was an ongoing construction at the high way you placed your billboard, your billboard wouldn’t be moved to the place where traffic would be redirected. Another example is a potential customer changing his movement and eventually miss seeing your billboard.

Targeting demography

Billboard advertising is not valuable in targeting a particular demographic. However, it is very important to know that potential customers with absolutely zero interest in your adverts would be seeing it every day.

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