Advertise Your Business With Led Billboards In Malaysia

Advertising serves as a major tool in taking a business to it’s peak. Billboard advertising is very effective in this aspect in the sense that it passes across information to passersby thereby marketing to a large amount of people at a time. Led billboards are swiftly taking control of outdoor advertising in Malaysia. Malaysia being a country growing daily in technological advancements encourages this.

Have you been reading this and you been left wondering what a led billboard is? Let’s provide answers to your thoughts.

What is a led billboard?

Otherwise called digital billboard, led billboard is an example of outdoor advertising which involves the display of ads. These ads could be static pictures, audio, videos and animation. Led billboards are computer controlled and make use of extremely efficient light emitting diodes to display your ads. They can also be controlled manually too. Led billboards rely on the use of computer software and programs for it’s operations.

Led billboards are replacing classic billboard in huge amounts. Malaysia being a country with good technology records, it is no surprise that Led billboards are widely used in the county. However, the led billboard provides you with a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Led billboards


The sole purpose of led billboards is to pass ads across to target customers. It gives fantastic results in broadcasting promotional messages to potential customers when placed strategically.


Studies have confirmed that a passerby is most likely going to remember an advert from an animated billboard that from a static billboard. Led billboards are very effective in attracting the attention to individuals.


LED billboards deliver tremendously in areas concerning the success and expansion of a company. It gives room to focus on certain demographics in a particular area.

Customer base

Led billboards come in handy when broadening customer base comes in. They are effective because it reaches across to a wide range of people.

Professional image

It creates a serious image for your company, products or services. It is wonderful at portraying longevity.


Another great advantage of led billboards is that you can changed your ads easily and regularly unlike static software. You can change it up through intuitive software.


Led billboards encourages healthy competition in a world of ever changing and advancement of technology. For example, if a company is using the latest technology, you can appoint the right team to work on your ads and you are sure to boost your business and make more sales.

Dear reader by now I am convinced you understand why traditional billboards are being abandoned for Led billboards in Malaysia.

Locations for Led billboards

The sole aim of marketing is to get to the right clients. An important factor that affects the effectiveness of led billboards in Malaysia is choosing the right location to erect them.

Avoid cluttered spaces

No one is going to notice your billboard if they going to have to look for it. Place your billboard in places like kelang valley.


Markets provide a suitable position for Led billboards and also gives you the advantage of getting across a huge amount of people. We all know the kind of crowds that visits the market. Your ads can also be noticed by tourists too. Malaysia being a country rich in tourism with day and night markets. Kustari walk, Kampung Baru Market, Petaling street , Taman Connaught Night Market, chow kit Market are some of the markets in Malaysia suitable for Led billboards.

Federal highways

Malaysia is a country with an effective highway system in the land transport sector. With a minimum of 250,000 cars plying the highways in a day, there isn’t a better place for Led billboards than in federal roads. Your products, services or company ads can be seen by tons of motorists therefore gaining a large number of audience. Seputeh, selangor, klang, west coast express way, the north south express way, middle ring road 2 ,Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Kuching, are examples of suitable locations for Led billboards.

Terminals and stations

Bus terminals and Railway Stations are wonderful places for Led billboards. Large amount of individuals visit stations daily. You are sure to get more target customers at bus stations. Kuala peris, kota Bharu, Larkin Johor, Alor Setar, Puduraya bus terminal are suitable areas when looking at bus terminals.

Near commercial establishments

Areas with offices, hotels are very productive in bringing on target customers. Led billboards are very effective in areas like this. Johor Badru city square, Jalan Sultan Abidin, subang Business Centre, Kuala Terrengaru are examples of areas like this.

How Led billboards can be productive in Malaysia

Near distance

Your billboard shouldn’t be too far away. It should be near enough to be legible to viewers.

Straight forwardness

If your advert includes a write up then it shouldn’t be lengthy. Make it short and concise, it is easily understandable this way.


LED billboards are more memorable because of It’s use of animations unlike static billboards. A catchy billboard can be very useful in attracting a large amount of customers

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