How Billboard Advertising in Malaysia Works, Advantages, Cons and Cost 2021

Billboard Advertising in Malaysia is the process of using a large-scale print advertisement to market a company, brand, product, service, or campaign. Billboard Ads are typically locate in high traffic areas, such as along highways and cities. Where most drivers and pedestrians can see them. They effectively builds brand awareness and broadcasting your business (or product or campaign) to as many people as possible. Because they’re in such busy areas. Billboard tends to have the highest number of views and impressions when compared to other marketing methods.

What Billboard Advertising in Malaysia Do


In simpler terms, Billboard Advertising is like giant posters that are often place on select structures for public viewing. In comparison to online promotions and public relations, Billboard is costlier and more conventional forms of marketing. Therefore, indulging in billboard advertising means that the business is willing to showcase the message or the main aim of the venture in a bigger space, precisely attracting a wider audience base across a particular region. For someone looking for more insights on a billboard concept. It is important to note that the largest one available is termed as the “bulletin.” However, the size of the advertising region also depends on the location and business preferences. Typically, a standard billboard measures around 14 feet in height and 48 feet in width, in usual cases. 

What Advertisers in Malaysia Need to do While Considering Billboard 

Advertising products and services on Billboard is a relative choice. There might be individuals who gaze at the mounted structures while driving, or quite a few prefer keeping their eyes just on the road. Moreover, there are regions where Billboard is installed with such frequency that noticing the desired message becomes extremely difficult. Based on an independent survey, quite a few aspects determine the popularity of billboard or the lack of it: – 

An average Malaysian prefers spending about 20 hours on the freeway, often treading across 200 miles or more. 

The fall months usually see an increase in driving frequency with an average of 31.5 miles daily. 

The usual age group prefers going outfalls anywhere between the ages of 30 and 49, with an annual driving average of around 13,506 miles.

All these factors and more directly or indirectly determine the role of billboard advertising for businesses.

How to use Billboard Advertising in Malaysia Effectively

  1. Keep the text short. People read a billboard for six seconds, which means adding large amounts of text can be ineffective. Many billboard experts recommend sticking to six words or less. While not every business can get its message across just six words, the principle is the same: less is more. It doesn’t take much to convey your brand or cause. That is why you should use billboard ads. If you think you need more text, consider using multiple Billboard Advertising.
  2. Keep it simple. Going along the same lines as the limited text, try to keep your graphics simple. People will be zooming past your billboard and won’t have time to notice and internalize a message if seven different things are going on at once. Choose a single purpose and theme for your billboard and let that be the star of the show. If you have other ideas you want to include, invest in multiple Billboard Advertising and spread the images across the different canvases.
  3. Be creative. The best Billboard Advertising follow the “show, don’t tell” mantra. Sure, you could use text to share your message, but a more effective way is to use a creative image. Billboard Advertising lend themselves to creativity, which means you can let your imagination run wild with texture, color, or moving parts– take advantage of a billboard’s huge size and do something truly eye-catching. Creative images better get people’s attention and stick in their brains for much longer than boring text.
  4. Don’t try to be clever. There’s a fine line between being smart and intelligent. Smart Billboard Advertising is the ones that people naturally notice. Creative Billboard Advertising with complex visual metaphors or overly complicated puns or designs requiring a second glance are often lost on passers who only have a few seconds to look at a billboard. Your goal should be to leave a lasting impression in a way that makes the viewer laugh, think, or have an emotional response, but not one that is wasted because people didn’t have the time to understand it.
  5. Don’t ask for a response. Billboard Advertising is excellent for building a brand and spreading awareness about a company or cause. The best use of a billboard is to share a quick message about what your company offers, not transfer large amounts of information, or direct people to a website or phone number.

Advantages of Billboard Advertising in Malaysia:


There are many options for advertising, but one of the biggest ways to make a splash is through Billboard Advertising in Malaysia. Billboard advertising draws attention and can be incredibly effective. Here are four of its biggest advantages: 

Billboard Advertising is huge and nearly impossible to avoid. Since Billboard Advertising is typically placed along busy streets or intersections, you’ll potentially have hundreds or thousands of people passing by your billboard and message every day. And because people tend to take the same route regularly, the chances are good that the same people will see your billboard multiple times, solidifying your brand and message in their minds. Unlike other advertising like a TV or radio commercial that potential customers can turn off, Billboard Advertising are always on and don’t give people a chance to turn away. Instead of searching out customers, you can take advantage of the potential customer’s right outside your door.


Companies that use Billboard Advertising can choose the perfect location to advertise their business. Billboard Advertising placed in the right areas can point customers towards the store or give your business directions. If you have a store or showroom close to a billboard, use the location to point out how close people are to your business. If you want to reach as many people as possible, put your billboard along a busy stretch of road. Whatever the goals of your advertising, a customized billboard location can help you meet the goal.

Brand Awareness 

Billboard Advertising allows any company to convey its message within a confined area, making it an excellent way to build brand awareness. Because people pass by Billboard Advertising so frequently that they get a memory in their brains every time they see the same image. The more people see your billboard, the stronger the association is in their minds. When they need a service you provide, they can tap into their memory of your billboard and connect with your company. Billboard Advertising is an excellent way to share a quick message about your company and plant seeds for customers in the near term and long term. And because Billboard Advertising lends them to creativity, you have the opportunity to showcase your company in a way that will get people’s attention.


If you pay for another form of advertising, you might get one commercial to air every hour or two or one ad to run once in a weekly newspaper. With a billboard, your message is always on display. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night; someone could be driving past your billboard and learning about your brand. Billboard is the only form of media that cannot be turned off or thrown away! Billboard advertising is a powerful way to get your message across and reach a wide array of potential customers. With an impactful message and the perfect location, your business can shine on a billboard.

 Cons of Billboard Ads 
  1. Billboard Ads doesn’t apply to a targeted marketing approach, as individuals with different interests and requirements see them. That is why Billboard Advertising cannot taper targets based on preferences.
  2. Most billboard spaces come with a rental arrangement. It often becomes difficult for a startup to bear the costs for a longer period, especially if it isn’t making regular profits.
  3. Typical Billboard Advertising is more like bulletins set in stone for a certain period. While they aim at bombarding thoughts with the business offerings, the ads can get monotonous after a day or two.
  1. Billboard is prone to damage if structured in areas that encounter heavy and frequent weather strikes. As they are mounted on top of towering structures, they are the first ones to get damaged.
  2. The previous point reveals that Billboard Advertising should be considered seasonal marketing options in certain regions, which cripple the same sizable margin. 
Digital Billboard Advertising vs. Static Billboard

It used to be that your only option for Billboard was to slap a bright picture and catchy slogan on the massive sign and call it good. But with the growth of digital LED Billboard, advertisers now have many more options than ever before. Digital and traditional Billboard has their differences but is both excellent advertising options. Which one is better for your business? Let’s explore. 

Static Billboard  

Static Billboard Advertising has been a long-standing element of advertising for many companies. Throughout the years and has proven their worth among business owners. These Billboard are the only form of media that offers businesses constant 24/7 exposure. That cannot be turned off, thrown away, or ignored, making them very effective at spreading brand awareness to the masses. Billboard  is a powerful way to spread your message to a large number of people in a short amount of time. They allow businesses to choose the perfect location and are often place along busy roads and intersections for maximum visibility. Static Billboard Advertising is typically rented on longer-term contracts; because most people travel the same route regularly. People will look at your billboard multiple times, which can greatly increase your brand awareness and lead to increased sales and attention.

Digital Billboard 

Digital Billboard is electronic displays control remotely by computers and takes the Outdoor Billboard Advertising experience to a whole new level. Since digital Billboard Advertising is control remotely, they offer much more flexibility to the advertiser. Digital allows you to update your messages on the fly, run multiple messages in your spot. It incorporate RTD and social media feeds. We can even set up a completely customized schedule to impact viewers at specific times of the day. Production costs associated with digital are much lower than static. The changing of the message alone helps draw attention to the display.

We are Using Billboard Advertising in Malaysia Correctly.

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that Billboard Ads is exceptional marketing tools provide. However, we mean targeting the specific area where the concerned service procurers are in excess by correct usage. Traffic accumulation is an important factor in the effectiveness of billboard advertisements. Moreover, the cost of Billboard Ads is on the lower side. The best thing about this form of advertising is that it is virtually unavoidable, unlike radio or television. Therefore, to make the most of a billboard advertisement, the business must consider several aspects and ponder each with significant levels of attention. Billboard Advertisement is cheap compare to other forms of ads, and the results can be exemplary if used with discretion and marketing intuition.
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