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Before the internet, companies did business by promoting their products on TV or in newspapers. The Internet has changed the rules at stake, that’s for sure, but just relying on internet agencies and forgetting traditional systems tends to do the wrong thing. What is Highway Billboard Advertising Price Kuantan in Malaysia? Are they expensive? The price of advertising is an investment, which is not when the professional work of a group of people is behind it. Creating an excellent website and most importantly, pursuing social strategies, SEO, and SEM is also very expensive. Google is a profitable multinational company, and if you don’t observe carefully, you risk losing a lot of money.


Do Highway Billboard Advertising Price Kuantan in Malaysia is Effective and Work for All?

In media strategy, making a thorough study of its position, product, and target is very important. For example, in some parts of Kuantan in Malaysia, where a strong localization strategy is required, the use of Highway Billboard Advertising in Kuantan is certainly an excellent solution.

While many companies think that it is enough to have a website and a Facebook page to impress customers. But, today’s communication in the eyes of non -professionals may seem like the west, the valid advice in this situation is to choose a communication agency carefully. The rest is divided by advertising plans and common purposes. Here’s an idea of ​​how much a billboard costs.

The Actual Highway Billboard Advertising Price in Malaysia

Price of Highway Billboard Advertising Kuantan in Malaysia: I would like to give an example to explain the concept of price. An entrepreneur told me that he wanted to host a big event and wanted to prepare a communication plan. I asked him about his main purpose. The set result is to reach 8,000 entries. We threw away the internet because it is not easy to create a major campaign only on the internet. After all, this is a new event.

It’s hard to create a social or web strategy that can guarantee a crowd attendance for big events. We are thinking of highway billboards in Kuantan Malaysia public transport, and road signage. We have chosen the right format and hypothesized the plan. For example, an advertising billboard measures 300 × 200 while in Naples there is also a 600 × 300. I can’t guarantee that there will be sales that run out, but we can guarantee that many people will see the communication.

The Effectiveness of Billboard Ads and its Issues

The Billboard Advertising Company should explain all the problems the case has faced over the years. Spaces and road signs can face a variety of difficulties. First of all the validity of the advertising mark. Making sure your billboards are compliant is the first step to doing something right unless you want to be subject to administrative penalties. I summarize the problem in 3 main concepts:

Validity of space: Billboards are not placed in spaces reserved for their use

Visibility problems: Billboards are placed on roads with little traffic or are covered by external elements

Ad message problem: Braphics and text are not easy to read due to incorrect graphics work

All of these things will cost a lot of money if not completed properly.

Highway Billboard Advertising Kuantan Malaysia Price Range

There is a price list for billboard prices in Kuantan Malaysia and other cities. But prices are sensitive to duration and availability. Medium and small local companies do not have a planned and specific budget to allocate for advertising. It is not easy to understand how much advertising costs, especially highway billboards. The action to be taken is determined at this time according to commercial needs.

Large and medium -sized companies have a marketing department and plan ahead with advertising agencies to optimize costs and increase revenue.

Everyone is familiar with billboards on roads and buses.

Advertising agencies are used to design billboards and other media. Good for graphic design and ideas and purchase of advertising space at the lowest price. The advertising agency monitors and verifies the success of the campaign.

At the bottom, we provide modest tariffs that may have variations for the reasons explained.

Let’s start with the average cost of outdoor advertising:

Prices for advertising billboards range from € 140 to € 200

Prices for road poles range from € 1,300 to € 1,900

Ads on buses cost more than € 5,000

At Whiei Meng we have very affordable prices any kind of Billboard Ads.
We have extensive experience with digital billboards advertising and static billboards. Both digital and static billboards serve different objectives,although they can also complement one another very well.
Size and frequency of your billboard do matter. However, this is only an exercise that you want to embark on after you have drafted a great digital marketing strategy. The reason is simple:digital marketing allows you to understand and your customer profile and track ROI better.

Below is a quick comparison of the feature and locations for static and digital billboards that I have.

billboard advertising cost

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Ads in independent newspapers such as meter and read cost about € 2,000 for 4/5 issues in a half-page format.

Planning and media selection are two important moments for a campaign’s success.

To explore all the possibilities that the market has to offer is the first thing that should be given, then try to understand how many products should I sell to get back the investment plus a profit and evaluate the feasibility.