Even though it is often associated with acts that involve argumentation and verbal demonstrations, marketing is far from being limited to techniques where one has to be satisfied with talking. As proof, brands have always been a natural part of marketing strategies. But to speak of these signs, posters, and other visual aids, it should be noted that they evolved very little for a long time. But in recent years, technology help, we have moved to modern dynamic devices. What are billboards used for? What are their advantages, and how can you enjoy them?


Billboards were fixed for visual aids, made of images or texts that worked more or less to reach targets by making them know a product, inviting them to perform a certain action, or giving them information. While it is true that these visual installations have long proved their worth and made it possible to raise awareness, to sell, or to make oneself known, the fact remains that they had a major limitation. To set up another poster, you had to go over all the creative work, painting or mounting, and then printing the content. Beyond the time that such work could need, it also entailed extra costs for the company or the institution. It was then that the digital signage billboard arrived.

This operation allows companies to save costs associated with printing. Also, if they want to broadcast many messages, instead of setting up multiple panels, a single dynamic panel is enough to broadcast all the content. Furthermore, said content is no longer images; small videos can also be broadcast via dynamic billboards. All these factors help to save time and money. Even for advertising networks, there is a lot to be gained from digital signage, as they can display advertising messages from many requesters on a single billboard in seconds.


When we talk about advertising, the first idea that comes to mind is to think about the medium to use. The marketing manager must then find an original idea to differentiate himself from the competition. One of the best ways is by using a personalised billboard. Indeed, a personalised panel makes it possible to highlight a company’s brand image, make known a new product, or launch an awareness call for an association. As for the material of the support, the aluminium panel is a better choice. The Dibond panel gives a metallic effect, very resistant for a long-lasting display. It is composed of two thin aluminium plates surrounded by a polyethene core. It is an excellent material for making all types of panels. Its light and resistant structure are ideal for exterior panels. Customizing your billboard also makes it possible to use an online printing service. specialises in this area. Allows customers to place an order for a configurable advertising panel online. And since the customer is king, he can personalize his advertising as he wishes, using all media formats. A company surpasses its competitors and at the same time, develops its business by opting for this type of advertising campaign.


There are two possibilities: use an outdoor advertising panel and use the good vision inside. The goal of an outdoor sign is to create a sales dynamic or good visibility for a sign. The billboard will be seen from the outside and invite passers-by to enter the store or take an interest in its contents. It thus helps target customers to remember the company name or brand of a new product. For its part, the panel inside can inform customers about products on promotion, for example, or services offered.

It serves both to inform and or show the customer within the store. The billboard is a real medium of large-scale advertising for a business. It is offered to the general public with a greater number of views and distribution. The company gains notoriety and market share by choosing a personalised sign as a marketing tool. This strategy serves to capture the attention of consumers based on a good visual identity. It will have a better impact on the launch of a new product.


Unlike the broadcast of an advertisement on television, which viewers can skip at any time, a personalised billboard is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week form of ad. A large number will see this billboard of people because it is installed in the most frequented places such as in shopping areas, at the roadside, or in public places. It will, of course, be installed in a frequented spot for particular target customers. The personalised panel has thus a great advantage in direct visibility. It is a great asset for a company or a brand to use all its creative potential to design its most attractive sign of all. It extends the advertising campaign’s life by being designed with rigid backing print materials such as PVC panels.

The personalised advertising billboard used outdoors blends well with advertising in other media to make advertising campaigns more effective. It will boost the reach and frequency of this campaign. The memory of the target customer will be rekindled at the sight of the advertisement. The majority of consumer purchasing decisions are made in-store. The billboard inside a sign sends one last message before he pulls out his wallet and changes his mind.


This marketing tool makes it possible to target very distinct groups: ethnic groups, income groups, or ages. It makes it possible to reach the target customer without going further, unlike the web or the audiovisual industry. People without the internet or other media can access it with ease. The advertising panel always reaches target customers if the designer’s marketing plan is to reach people on the go or always on the go. They can give a peek in their free time: in traffic jams, at the exit of a shopping centre, or in a waiting line. The customer takes a picture of an original and creative advertisement on the billboard.

He will then share it on social networks, blogs, or other media specialising in marketing. It will be free advertising for a company, brand, or event. The billboard also encourages passers-by to visit the sign or prepare them to schedule for an event. It depends on the design and type of media used. The designer will often use all his ability to come up with a convincing argument. The most important thing for the business is to get consumers to buy or attend an event. Using this advertising tool is a better way to achieve this result.

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