Electronic Billboard Ipoh

Advertising is a vital component of a business’s expansion. Electronic Billboard Ipoh is an effective technique to pass information to passersby, thereby marketing to a large group of people at a time. Malaysia being constantly at the forefront of technology, this is encouraged.

What is a Electronic Billboard? Maybe you were left wondering what it is while reading this. Let’s explain.

What is Electronic Billboard Ipoh?

The technology behind Electronic Billboards is computer-controlled and makes use of light-emitting diodes to display advertisements in bright light. They are digitally controlled and require computer software. They can make use of static pictures as well as videos and animations.

Electronic Billboards have been replacing classic billboards in huge numbers. Malaysia being a country with good technology records, it is not and unexpected for Electronic Billboards to be widely used. However, Electronic Billboards offer many distinct advantages over classic billboards.

Electronic Billboards have several advantages


Designed for advertising, Electronic Billboards to allow companies to broadcast promotional messages to target audiences. They are extremely effective when placed strategically and offer great results.


Electronic Billboards are excellent at drawing the attention of people as they are able to attract attention very efficiently. Studies have revealed that passersby are more likely to remember a billboard advertisement from an animated billboard than a static billboard.


Electronic Billboards are extremely useful when it comes to promoting a company’s success and expansion. It allows businesses to focus on certain demographics in a particular area.

Customer base

When trying to broaden the customer base, Electronic Billboards to come in handy because they reach a wide audience.

Professional image

Creates a professional image for your company, products, or services. It portrays longevity.


Another great benefit of Electronic Billboards is their ability to change their advertisements easily and frequently. Unlike static software, Electronic Billboards can be changed up with intuitive software.


It is no longer enough for companies to use Electronic Billboards to boost their business since the technology keeps changing and evolving. For instance, you can appoint the best team to work on your ads, boosting your business and making more sales.

Dear reader, by now I hope you understand why traditional billboards in Ipoh have been replaced with Electronic Billboards.

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Locations for Electronic Billboards

The sole purpose of marketing is to attract the right clients. One crucial factor that influences the effectiveness of Electronic Billboards in Ipoh is choosing the right location to erect them.

Avoid cluttered spaces

If you have to look for your billboard, no one will notice it. Place your billboard in places like Kelang Valley.


You can display your ads on a large number of Led boards at markets. Markets are well known for having a lot of people visiting them and also have tourists passing through. The Malaysian tourism industry offers a variety of day and night markets including Kustari Walk, Kampung Baru Market, Petaling Street, Taman Connaught Night Market, Chow Kit Market.

Federal highways

As one of the most effective highway systems in the land transport sector, Malaysia is a perfect place for Electronic Billboards. With at least 250,000 cars on the roads each day, there is no better place for them than on federal roads. You can advertise your products or services to thousands of motorists thanks to Electronic Billboards on Seputeh, Klang, West Coast Expressway, North-South Expressway, Middle Ring-road 2, Tun Razak Street, and Jalan Kuching Street.

Terminals and stations

Bus terminals and railway stations are great locations for Electronic Billboard advertisements because they get a lot of traffic. Road buildings, railway terminals, bus terminals, bus stops, and railway stations are all great places for advertising.

Near commercial establishments

These areas have very productive office buildings and hotels that attract target customers. Electronic Billboards work effectively here as well. Examples include Sabah City Square, Jalan Sultan Abidin, Subang Business Center, and Kuala Terrengaru.

The importance of Electronic Billboards in Ipoh

Near distance

In order for viewers to read your billboard, it should not be too far away. It should be near enough for viewers to understand.

Straight forwardness

Make your advertisement concise and easy to read if you include a write-up. Make it short and to the point, so that it is easily understood.


Since Electronic Billboards use animations, they are more memorable than static billboards. A catchy billboard can help a business reach a large number of customers.

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