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Digital Signage Malaysia is a very popular source of advertising. It is this representation that shows us advertising, TV programs, information and other messages. So basically Digital Signage is an electrical board where all the signs are used to make a certain meaning and illustrate it well so that people understand it.


Digital Signage presents more dynamic advertising and is design to enhance the overall user experience. Digital Signage can display video, graphics or other content from small to large video walls.

This means that thank you as a form of communication for Malaysians. When a signboard is produced or made, it is made for a specific group, taking into account geographical location, language, culture, and other factors. We must say that it is an essential basis of communication from individual to individual and between companies and individuals, such as advertising, safety, prevention, leisure, and more.

Our digital signage solutions include everything you need

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SOFTWARE you need for Digital Signage

Our digital signage software can meet your needs: Free, self-hosted and cloud-based, and suitable for large-scale deployments. We develop, design, broadcast, schedule, manage displays, and manage users with our flexible, user-friendly software. A wide range of dynamic content can be played through it, including text, audio, images, and video on websites, on Twitter, RSS, weather, and IP streaming. Content creation for signage is a drag-and-drop process without requiring programming skills. Using it is easy for everyone as we provide training.


Media players used for digital signage

Through years of operating in the digital signage industry, we have been using many different media players of various quality and brands. Finally, we’re not just looking for the cheapest solution but also one that’s highly reliable and has a large range of features. As one of Malaysia’s leading providers of digital signage platforms, we have supplied thousands of digital signs in industries such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, and food service. Compact, powerful and full-featured industrial-grade digital signage player. For long-term investment, choose a quality player. The Android Media Player and the Windows Media Player are both available.


Due to their durability and functionality, professional signage displays offer a higher return on investment (ROI) than consumer-grade displays (Home TV). It is reassuring to know that they are more expensive, but they should be your first choice because they offer more brightness and long operation hours (up to 50,000 hours) than other displays. From a local manufacturer, it usually comes with a 3-year limited warranty. You can find all popular brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG, BenQ, Sony and NEC in our store.


Digital signage and touchscreen projects require different types of display hardware. We have horizontal and vertical wall-mounted kiosks as well as iPad/tablet kiosks. It would be our pleasure to work with you. Readymades and customizations are welcome. We offer a variety of multitouch solutions for business, entertainment, and education.

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Video Walls and Digital Signage Installation are our specialties. Your solution is deployed by certified technicians and project managers.

Technical Support

Any issues with our digital signage system are supported 24/7 by our support team. We will help you with our specialist technicians. 


You can choose a Digital Signage Consultant with experience in digital marketing to help smooth the journey.

Staff Training

The end-user will be trained on how to utilize our system by our certified trainer.

Advantages of Digital Signage Malaysia

Easy to make display

To get a good presentation, creating a traditional display requires the services of a qualified graphic designer. Granted, not everyone has the talents and skills needed to make and produce a strong poster on paper. Its creation takes a long time because the tasks that have to be done are more or less before completing the work.

Making Digital Signage in Malaysia is much easier. There is indeed a lot of software that allows you to make great presentations. The software is accessible to everyone, and no credentials are required to master it. Also, they usually offer prefabricated models to facilitate the work of their users.

This software allows you to create, edit, and personalize content to produce original, quality posters in record time. They can be free if you want to save money. But, their options and functions remain limited in this case. Paid software is more efficient and more practical.


Modern and interactive visuals

Unlike traditional signage, Digital Signage in Malaysia is modern and allows you to create a variety of visual animations. This is a more lively and charming communication tool. This is because modern sound effects and content are more likely to attract and retain the attention of the target audience. According to a survey, digital signage attracts four times more attention than traditional paper signage in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Ads and information are displayed on the screen faster. It only takes a few seconds to understand the content of the message, especially if the text is made based on animation.

Visuals that describe the brand

Traditional displays are intended primarily to be heard through words. Indeed, such slogans are the best way to attract the attention of users. But, Digital Signage in Malaysia allows a company to convey its mentality, lifestyle, and specificity through well -developed visuals.

Information and display are more personalized and can reflect the brand image very well.

Extensive and configurable information dissemination

Large retailers are able to disseminate information through many interfaces using Digital Signage. Also, the display can be broadcast at the same time, in real time.

Indeed, thanks to this modern display, companies no longer have to travel to deliver advertisements or deliver their services at its other premises. Enough to send information from one source over the internet.

In addition, each content can be configured if some information needs to be changed, depending on the location of the room.

Simplified updates

Currently, the latest information on the products and services of different providers is the real need of the target audience in Malaysia. However, updating a traditional display takes a lot of time: you have to go through information gathering, model production, printing, shipping, and distribution.

By choosing Digital signage Malaysia, you can save a lot of time, especially for disseminating content. To do this, it is necessary to gather information, integrate it into the software, and distribute it on the screen. Therefore, the company is able to provide a better response to return requests and special requests. Commercial shops and hotels can update their prices and promotions as soon as they want. You can convert in minutes via PC or even a mobile device (Smartphone or tablet).

The relationship between online and offline sales

More than 80% of consumers today refer to the internet before making a purchase. Online sales are also booming in Malaysia, but most consumers still choose to go to the store to shop.

Business enterprises must adapt to new means of communication. Digital signage in Malaysia is the best answer to this need. Nowdays every product consumer wants to see the product on digital signage or digital board before purchasing them or using them.
It is thus the bridge between online and offline sales. It is even more useful when the store has an online store. The dynamic display and more graphical interface makes customer experience even well.

A way to ease internal communication

Digital signage is not only useful for communicating with consumers. Indeed, it is also an effective way to promote internal communication within a company.
The screens can be use to share professional information (house rules, schedules, new company products, and many more) with all employees. They can also be used to educate or train employees. Moreover, managers can take the opportunity to remind employees to reduce unnecessary waste in office work (printing waste, paper waste, etc.) to optimize the company’s economy.

A plus for the environment

Currently, more and more companies are turning to respect and protection of the environment. Thanks to digital signage, they can reduce their consumption of paper and printing ink. This is already a big step for the preservation of the environment.
Also, it allows companies to make significant savings.

Business companies must adapt to new means of communication. Digital signage is the best answer to this need. Since customers are use to seeing a product on a digital surface before buying it, they won’t be too confused.

As such, it is a bridge between online and offline sales. Even more useful when the store has an online store. Thus, the dynamic display makes it more easy for users to find products they have seen later.

Methods to facilitate internal communication

Digital signage is not only useful for communicating with users. In fact, it is also an effective method of promoting internal communication within a company.

The screen can be use to share professional information (house rules, schedules, new company products, and more) with all employees. They can also be use to educate or train employees. Moreover, managers can take the opportunity to remind employees to reduce unnecessary waste in office work (printing waste, paper waste, etc.) to optimize the company’s economy.

Added value to the environment

Today, more and more companies are turning to respecting and protecting the environment. Thanks to Digital Signage in Malaysia, they are able to reduce the use of paper and printing ink. This is already a big step for the preservation of the environment.

It also allows companies to make huge savings.

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