Before the internet, companies were doing good business by promoting their products on TV or in newspapers. The Internet has changed the rules at stake, that’s for sure, but relying only on an internet agency and losing sight of traditional systems is likely to commit a false step. Are Highway Billboard Advertising in Malaysia expensive? Advertising costs are an investment, which is not when the professional work of a team of people is behind it. Creating an excellent website and above all, pursuing social, SEO, and SEM strategies are also very expensive. Google is a multinational company that pursues a profit, and if you don’t watch carefully, you risk losing a lot of money.

Does Highway Billboard Advertising work?

In a media strategy, making a careful study of its positioning, product, and the target is critical. For example, in some parts of Malaysia, where a strategy of strong localization is required, the use of Highway Billboard Advertising in Malaysia is certainly an excellent solution.
Although many companies think it is enough to have a website and a Facebook page to attract customers’ attention. But, communication today in the eyes of non-professionals may seem like a far west, a piece of valid advice in this situation is to choose a communication agency carefully. The rest is share with advertising plans and shared goals. Below is an idea of ​​what the costs of billboards may be.

Real Cost of Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising Cost in Malaysia: I would like to give an example to clarify the concept of prices. An entrepreneur told me that he wanted to organise a big event and wanted to prepare a communication plan. I asked him about his main goals. The set result was to reach 8,000 admissions. We discarded the internet because it is not easy to create the main campaign only on the internet. After all, it is a new event.

It is difficult to establish social or web strategies that can guarantee the presence of the public for a big event. We thought about highway billboard Advertising in Malaysia public transport, , and road signs. We have chosen the correct formats and hypothesized the plans. For example, the advertising signage have a size of 300 × 200 while in Naples, there are also 600 × 300. I cannot guarantee that there will be a sold-out, but we can guarantee that many people will see the communication.

Billboards Advertising effectiveness and its problems

The Billboard advertising agency has to clarify all the problems of the case encountered along the way. Spaces and road signs can have various difficulties. First of all the legality of advertising signs. Making sure your billboards are compliant is a first step to doing things right unless you want to incur administrative penalties. I summaries the issues in 3 key concepts:

The legality of the spaces: billboards are not placed in a space reserved for its use

The problem of visibility: billboards are positioned in the street with little traffic or covered by external elements

The problem of the advertising message: graphics and texts are not easy to read due to incorrect graphic work
All of these things will cost you a lot of money if not properly put in place.

Billboard Advertising Price in Malaysia

There is a price list for the price of billboards in Malaysia and other cities. But prices are sensitive to the period and availability. Medium and small local companies do not have a planned and certain budget to be allocated to advertising. It is not easy to understand how much advertising costs, especially highway billboard. The actions to be taken are decided at the moment according to commercial needs.

Large and medium-sized companies have a marketing department and plan well in advance with advertising agencies to optimize costs and increase results.

Everyone is familiar with advertising signs on the road and buses.
Advertising agencies are used to plan on billboards and other media. Both for the graphic design and the idea and the purchase of advertising space at the lowest price. The advertising agency supervises and verifies the success of the campaign.

At the bottom, we leave a simple tariff that may have variations for the reasons explained.

Let’s start with the outdoor advertising costs on average:
The price for an advertising billboard costs from € 140 to € 200
The price for a street pole costs from € 1,300 up to € 1,900
Advertising on buses is priced well over € 5,000
Advertisements in free-press newspapers such as meter and read have a cost of approximately € 2,000 for 4/5 issues on a half-page format.
The planning and the choice of the medium are two fundamental moments for the success of a campaign.

To explore all the possibilities that the market offers is the first thing to give, then try to understand how much product I have to sell to recover the investment plus a profit and evaluate the feasibility.

Create a plan with different options that can be entered at the appropriate times to improve the campaign’s effectiveness.

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