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Business Consulting Johor Bahru Malaysia has existed since the modern concept of business emerged. However, in recent years, the number of “independent consulting projects” has increased almost daily.

The explanation is simple. Many bosses, managers, or company executives will be left without work because of the economic downturn. They want to change their careers to get the desired results for their business.
It is very logical that someone with this knowledge and talent. Who gained through business experience and research, would want to take advantage of it as a business consultant.

What is Business Consulting Johor Bahru Malaysia?


Business Consulting Johor Bahru Malaysia is a type of corporate consulting that relies on the capabilities of industry-specific experts. Who provide professional advice, guidance, and actionable solutions with the goal of optimizing. This way of working involves; organization, hierarchy, structure, workflow or operation, team and business environment.

Let’s imagine that we want to launch a new product in the market or we want is to increase financial results. The consultant, in this case, will be a strategy and marketing consultant, and must be sales -oriented.

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My ideas tend to be out of the box and unusual, albeit effective. Why care for the normal when you can do great with unexpected?

For example, many people were skeptical when I first started SPEEDHOME (originally Speedrent) back in 2015. I mean, who did No Deposits? That was insane, and altogether a risk.

However, it worked.

Sometimes business model takes a while to fine-tune. Through your experience, you will know what works and what does not. I can help you to look into your strength, networks, and then work together to redesign your business and revenue model. It is crucial that you start on the right footing.

In doubt? Fill up the form, and I shall arrange a quick call with you to understand your business model.

Advantages of having Business Consulting Johor Bahru Malaysia


  • Guidance provided by experts

The knowledge of the professionals who provide Business Consulting in Johor Bahru Malaysia is solid. They enable the efficient management of all resources owned by the business. Using an expert in the matter to be discussed provides a guarantee of being in good hands.

  • Get support in case of:

There is a very close relationship between the consulting company and its clients in most cases. A strong relationship is forged between them. When all kinds of incidents arise, the support provided will be complete. Firm will gain excellent professional involvement and commitment.

  • Have a network of contacts:

Malaysian business consultants build relationships with professionals from various sectors. So having a very close network of contacts allows you to enjoy many opportunities.

  • Business optimization:

Having different consulting services means that the business is optimized all the time. Consulting companies aim to achieve better productivity by investing less.

  • Feel safe and trustworthy:

Having an expert consulting staff that ensures the smooth running of the business through the consulting services. The guidance and counseling they have to boost their confidence.

  • Personalized attention:

There is no general formula for achieving the path of economic growth and prosperity. Each company has its own special characteristics, so customized attention will always give the best results.

  • Strategic Negotiation:

It aims to meet certain facts. When a company wants to get out of an existing deadlock, grow, or minimize risk. The company must implement strategies that support it to achieve its objectives.

  • Marketing Consulting:

These are services that must be developed before undertaking a marketing task. Such as a marketing plan, without reaching strategic negotiations. Although on many occasions these two types of negotiations overlap.