Billboard Advertising Malaysia | Outdoor Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising Malaysia is best a source of promotion if you are thinking of promoting your brand, product, or services on a large scale. Billboards Advertising, also known as Led Billboard Advertising, Outdoor Advertising are usually placed in high traffic areas, such as highways and cities; this way, your ad will be seen more commonly by drivers and pedestrians.


Digital or Outdoor Billboard Advertising Malaysia has great advantages for creating brand awareness and promoting your business (or product or campaign). We know that Malaysia is a high-tech Country, and everybody in Malaysia loves technology. Therefore, by placing your billboard advertising on a technical platform, you’ll gain mass exposure for your business in no time. Since billboard advertising is situated in such busy areas, they receive the highest number of views and impressions compared to other marketing methods.

Types of billboard


highway billboard advertising

Billboards like this cost between RM20,000 and RM100,000. When placed along highways, it provides good results. Their size tends to be large. Several people refer to it as spectacular when it is customized.


Usually, it is located at bus stations, airports, or terminals. As a result, pedestrians are effectively reached. When placed at a busy intersection, this billboard is more effective. Price ranges from RM30 000 for a 14-faces design per month. They usually measure around 2m in length.

96 sheets

96 sheets billboard

The most popular type of billboard advertising in Malaysia is, without a doubt, this. 96 refers to the size and layout. Fans of big sizes and big effects will love the 96; its standard measurements are 10ft x 40ft and 11ft x 41ft. The monthly price ranges between RM 2,500 and RM 5,000.

Bus terminals

Public transportation users are primarily targeted with it. As with the metrolite, this is a highly effective medium to reach a large audience. People are attempting to board public transportation at a bus station per day, for example. RM12,000 per month for a shelter with 5 to 12 panels is the average cost. In the land transport sector, Malaysia has a very effective highway system. Thus, highway advertising is highly efficient and effective in Malaysia.

City star

It is mostly found on sidewalks or in towns because of its small size. A 13-faces space costs about RM65 000 a month, while a 26-faces space costs about RM120, 000.

Overhead bridges

The majority of overhead bridge billboards are located on busy bridges that receive a lot of traffic. City, intersections, and junctions generally have shapes that are horizontal rectangles. The cost ranges from RM12, 000 to RM150 000.


In cities and towns, these are very effective. It can also be advantageous if a busy expressway runs through the city. Billboards are attached to the roofs of buildings and houses. They can range in size from 14ft x 48ft to 20ft x 60ft. It is more effective to place your ads at fast lanes if they have more pictures and fewer words. Depending on the location, they range from RM15, 000 to RM30,000.

Wall signs and banners

Billboards in Malaysia like this one are tiny compared to other forms of advertising. Located in strategic places, it is an effective way to attract target customers. Customization of the billboard determines the price. Due to its high traffic location, the price varies between RM350, 000 and RM1.6m annually.

Billboard Advertising Malaysia – What I should do


When it comes to billboard advertising in Malaysia, the location where you place the billboard is extremely important. Your billboard should never be placed near congested areas. To reach your target customers, you cannot let your billboard get lost among other billboards. Your billboard should be placed around the Klang Valley, along the North-South Expressway, along the Middle Ring Road 2.


Billboards should be bold and large enough to be noticed. Potential customers should be able to see it from afar. The budget should also be placed on your size. A 10 x 40-foot space can be a reasonable alternative if you cannot go for a larger size, such as 30 x 60 feet.


You should keep your billboards brief and concise, but make sure to nail it on the head. To catch customers’ attention, your advert should not be more than 8 or 6 words long. The reason behind this is that Malaysians place billboards along walkways and highways.

Avoid trying to be clever.

Even though being clever is flattering, you should avoid boasting about it in your advertisement. Using simple, easy-to-understand language is important. It would be more effective since everyone would understand it, and your advertisement would reach more people. In the end, using difficult terms would not benefit anyone and result in a miserable failure.

Tips for Outdoor Advertising Malaysia for more exposure

They say that what we advertise matters just as much as how we are advertising. Billboard Advertising design is equally important as message in LED billboard ads or outdoor advertising, and they cannot exist separately. Think about it like this: we have excellent messages on billboards. However, the design of billboard advertising does not draw attention, so no one will notice them; therefore, the billboard advertising campaign has failed.

So we understand that 50% of the thing that we sell is designed; if we talk about billboard advertising, then it is design and billboards price in Malaysia that attracting attention. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 7 tips, which you may and should follow if you want to improve your billboard advertising and highway advertising design.

  • Less is more

Do not overload your billboard advertising design. Don’t use distracting elements to bind your design together. If an image is worth a thousand words, use it. If you need a lesson, use it. Wants to achieve balance. Anything that does not communicate will remain.

  • Use the right color

Make sure the background and copy of your billboard advertising are different colors. The stronger the contrast, the easier it is to read. Remember, strong contrast equals better readability.
Design your digital displays using only RGB colors. Use the same colors for a TV or computer monitor as you would for a website.

  • Lean on a good typography

If a viewer cannot read your billboard advertising content, no matter how compelling your campaign is, they will walk right by without giving it a second glance.
This is why you should ensure that your content is clear for people to read at first glance because your content will only be viewed for about 3 – 6 seconds.

  • Take advantage of your environment

A billboard advertising in the city isn’t similar to those on the street or in the town center, and they all serve different objectives. Thus, outdoor advertising needs to adapt to its environment and play with it.

  • Focus on a concept

Consider who will be seeing the advertisement before creating the billboard advertising and focus on your concept. The audience will likely ignore your billboard if it looks boring. It is important to ensure that the design of the billboard advertising is visible from a distance. Make sure the letters are large enough to be read clearly and are evenly spaced. Make sure your message is clear and concise on a billboard ad. The internet has many fonts available, but it’s important to choose a font that most people can read if you are designing a billboard ad. Add the company’s contact information, including a telephone number and any social media accounts if there are any.

  • Everything doesn’t go

Billboards Advertising usually includes a clear call to action, though that isn’t required. A billboard ad needs to be a memorable advertisement that lets viewers know what the brand stands for and what it does.

  • Without this! There are a few other important roles to consider when dealing with billboard in Malaysia.

If your product or service is not for the general public, such as a nail salon, you can spend a lot of money for little return. So your billboard advertising campaign should be profitable with your extra sales.

You should always be aware of the costs involved with billboard advertising, but take advantage of panels in your catchment area for promotions. A good location sign is sufficient for locating your store. You can advertise your new products with a billboard in your catchment area.

Longer rentals are more profitable for billboard advertising, but they’re more expensive. The advantage is that the location is safe, so you’ll have to pay more for it.

One of the other factors you want to look at is where you want to hang your billboard advertising in Malaysia. Prioritize places where there’s a high probability of traffic jams, like near a shopping mall or along a major street.

The final thing to remember is that being at stake; you should set up communication strategies in advance that don’t cost a lot, such as a social network, blog, a newspaper, an email list, and more. This will allow you to establish direct and mutual contact with your customers!

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Below is a quick comparison of the feature and locations for static and digital billboards that I have.

billboard advertising cost

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What is the cost of advertising on a billboard?

Billboards are priced based on the audience they deliver, just like most media. Depending on how many people see the ad, where it’s located, what type of road it’s on, and the demographics of the viewers, the cost per 4-week period will vary.

What is the difference between billboard advertising and other media?

There are no traditional media that have a lower standard deviation and higher CPM than outdoor. The impression levels achieved by Out of Home programs often rival those of much more expensive TV campaigns at a fraction of the cost.

What should I do first to prepare a billboard ad?

We will meet with an account executive to discuss your business goals, target customers, and expectations. A couple of draft ads will be prepared by our designers for your review. As soon as the approval is received, your ad will live in one week or two. From beginning to end, we provide full service. Several art elements – such as your logo – may require your assistance.

Can you let me know how long it takes to post my ad?

If you are doing a billboard campaign, you can expect your ad to be posted within two weeks of your final art approval and payment, while digital billboards allow you to post your ad within a few hours of finalizing the art.

What is the best way to know if my advertising will work?

You may also want to consider the following factors: a) Are consumers familiar with your business and products? b) How do you think the market perceives your business? c) How many competitors do you have nearby? d) Do you have a lot of parking at your location? e) Does your staff make shopping enjoyable for your customers? f) Does your advertisement offer enough inventory and a competitive price?

Several variables influence the effectiveness of a billboard: a) Does the ad have sufficient text, simple fonts, and color contrast that makes it easy to read? B) Is the ad emotionally compelling – does it use a good image or a powerful concept? c) Does the advertisement outline benefits or merely a menu?

When I see a billboard ad, how can I tell it is a good one?

Create a horizontal landscape version of your ad (on a color printer) and print it on standard 8-inch by 12-inch paper. Have someone hold it 8 feet from you or tape it to a wall. Count 6 to 8 times while looking at the ad. Once you have remembered what you saw, tell yourself what you saw.

1. Were you able to identify the name and purpose of the business?

2. Were you moved by the message – a sense of need, urgency, solution, happiness?

3. How could you use the ad message to your advantage?

How long will it take for me to see the results?

Consumer behavior needs to be modified, trust built in the provider needs to be built, and the advertising needs to increase sales. Results take longer to achieve the longer the decision-making process lasts. You must constantly strive to offer your customers an easy shopping experience: selection, price, knowledgeable employees, and financing.

What are the differences between a digital billboard and a traditional static billboard?

Digital Displays have opened up new possibilities for billboards to be even more responsive to sponsors’ needs than traditional TV or radio.

Currently, advertisers can post multiple pieces of copy at once, rotating different offers or promotions. It’s possible to daypart your advertisements – a morning ad can be different from an afternoon one, or a Monday message can be different from a Friday one.

Advertisers can use a countdown to prompt consumers – Sale Begins This Weekend, or Only 2 Days Left.

The messages can include real-time content such as temperature, time, or weather forecast triggers.

Social media can be integrated, such as Facebook posts or Instagram photos.

What is the process of placing ads on digital billboards?

For digital billboards, the process is similar to that of vinyl billboards. In-house designers are familiar with certain digital displays, so it is best to rely on them.

Advertisers (segments) can rotate on digital billboards up to 8 times per panel. There are ten seconds between each ad. Every day, there are 1080 ten-second ads for each advertiser or segment.