Billboard Advertising Ipoh Malaysia

Billboard Advertising Ipoh Malaysia is best a source of promotion if you are thinking to promote your brand, product or services to a large scale. Billboards are usually placed in high traffic areas, such as highways and cities, so they are most commonly seen as drivers and pedestrians by using this strategy your ad will get more exposure.

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Billboard advertising has great advantages for creating brand awareness and to promote your business (or product or campaign). We know that Ipoh in Malaysia is a high tech city and everybody in Ipoh loves technology so getting your ads on technical platform like billboard you will get a get a mass exposure for your business in no time. Because they are in such busy areas, billboards have the highest number of views and impressions compared to other marketing methods.

At Whei Meng you will get the best Billboard Advertising in Ipoh Malaysia at very competitive price along with other billboard ads billboard,led billboard etc. We provide billboard for advertising in all major cities of Malaysia e.g. Kuala Lumpur, George Town of Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Malacca City, Kota Kinabalu, Kuantan, Alor Setar, Tawau, Sandakan etcYou can definitely choose our service without any doubt. 

We have extensive experience with digital and static billboards. Both digital and static billboards serve different objectives,although they can also complement one another very well.

Size and frequency of your billboard do matter. However, this is only an exercise that you want to embark on after you have drafted a great digital marketing strategy. The reason is simple:digital marketing allows you to understand your customer profile and track ROI better.

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How Billboard Advertising Ipoh Malaysia works for more exposure

They say that what we say in advertising is as important as the way we say it. Design is equally important as message, and will not work without each other. Let’s put ourselves in a position: we have a great message, but the design does not attract attention, no one will notice it; Thus, the campaign has failed.

So we understand that design is 50% of what we sell, if we talk about external advertising then it is design that will attract people’s attention. For this reason, we offer a list of 7 tips that you should follow if you want to improve the design of your hoarding ad:

  • Less is more

Do not overload your design. Say what you want to say, but don’t tie your design to distracting elements. If a picture is worth a thousand words, use it. If you need a lesson, use it. Wants to achieve a perfect equilibrium. Everything that does not communicate will remain.

  • Use the right color

Do not wear muted colors, but do not use fabricated colors either. Not a multi-color solution. Create a harmony that evokes your message, playing with tones and textures.

  • Lean on a good typography

Attracting audience attention is essential, but getting your message across is important. Use legible fonts and use them in the shape you like best. Sometimes words such as ‘free’, ‘sale’, or ‘sale’ invite a design that illuminates the body of the text.

  • Take advantage of your environment

A billboard in the city is not what we find on the street or in local towns, their presence, and location all serve our different purposes. Thus, it is important to know the essential use of billboards in various fields and take advantage of them immediately. Outdoor advertising must adapt to its environment and play with it.

  • Focus on a concept

Come up with a design that represents an idea. You do not want to communicate more than one message because the effect will be minimized. Be clear about who you are addressing and look for the complexity of that goal. Use elements that play in your favor and not kill the blind. A powerful concept will be transformed into a strong design.

  • Everything doesn’t go

Yes, it is attention-grabbing, but not at any cost. Do not resort to bright colors that damage visual or improper texts or images. Think that your design speaks of you, your company and your product. Your design will represent you, and people will connect you to what you see on your billboard. Also, think about displaying lollipops in the city, these are small vertical format panels that can be seen at bus stops, for example. Display and printing prices may be more inherent there!

  • Without this! There are a few other important roles to consider when dealing with hoarding.

For example, the size of a 4X3 billboard can make messages reach more people. So if your product or service is not for the general public, you can spend a lot of money for low returns. If you don’t have a good posting reason? Good reasons can be the location of your store (100 meters to the right), a promotion, an opening, a product launch… be careful, with the sums of money involved. Your billboard campaign should be profitable with your extra sales!

How many panels do you display? It all depends on the purpose of your campaign! To locate your store, one or two well-placed signs are sufficient. For promotion, a new product, the display of your ad on a billboard in your catchment area may be relevant. But always beware of cost!

Prices are generally more interesting for the long term. But the cost keeps increasing. Keep in mind that you can rent for a shorter period for a higher daily rate but reduce your risk. But, you can take longer, and the scene has changed. The advantage is that the location is safe, but your cost will be high.

Another factor you want to see is where you want to serve with billboards. Prioritize places with lots of traffic, and with a high probability of traffic jams if possible! For example, near a shopping center, along a street that is often congested.

Finally, keep in mind that being at stake, be sure to set up means of communication in advance that cost very little, such as a social network, a website, a newspaper, an email list, and more.

This will allow you to establish direct and mutual contact with your customers!

You can contact us for a quick call consultation and decide which Billboard Advertising is best for you in anywhere in Malaysia according to the city and the area.